I love this quote by my father as it really sums up all that a responsible parent can do regarding the topic of immunisation; research, educate yourself of the latest information and expert opinions and then make a decision which feels best for you and your family. 

I have spent many years working with and offering support and guidance to parents, who for various reasons, do not feel comfortable with the current vaccination schedule offered to their newborns. By the time I speak to most parents they already have a vast knowledge of the pro's and con's of vaccination so it is only my job to better informed on the process of HP and let them decided what they feel is right for them.

Unlike the current allopathic approach to immunisation being; you either vaccinate or be irresponsible, bad parents, thankfully HP is not so black and white. There are many options that parents have including using both HP and vaccinations together or one after the other, I currently have several parents who have chosen to use the more natural thus safer HP method on their newborns and then introduce vaccines once the children are older and have stronger immune systems. 

So like many health options there is no right or wrong answer it is what your personal preference is, if you prefer to follow mainstream medicine then you will adhere to the current vaccine schedule, If you feel more confident in taking a more natural approach to health then you can follow the homeopathic immunisation schedule, and if you are unsure then you wait and continue to research until you find what best suits you.