The issue of how we protect ourselves and our children against targeted infectious diseases (immunisation) is one of the most controversial in modern medicine. 

Many orthodox health authorities believe that vaccination is the most successful public health intervention ever undertaken, and it is true that many thousands of lives have been saved by vaccination. It is also true that definitive studies of the long-term safety of vaccination either have never been undertaken or if they have, they have never been published. This means that the number of lives lost and long-term chronic illness caused as a result of vaccination has never been properly quantified.

Currently there are only two disease-specific methods of immunisation which have undergone published scientific research – vaccination and homeopathic immunisation, the correct  term Homoeoprophylaxis (HP).

Despite over 200 years of clinical evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of many successful homeopathic immunisation interventions against deadly outbreaks in different countries around the world it has sadly not yet been accepted by mainstream medical doctors in Australia.

However although some countries, such as our own, may not accept HP as an effective option for mass immunisation in many countries it is becoming increasingly popular and utilised in the millions, providing not only whole communities a greater chance of staying disease free but also creating a large amount of rigorous scientific research demonstrating HP's safety and effectiveness.

Talking to mainstream doctors can be quite disempowering  and many parents feel pressured and often bullied by certain doctors, even being called irresponsible parents just for inquiring into the possibility of using a different immunisation option. However persuading patients through fear based stories and self formulated opinions is not our role as health care providers.

It is our job to honestly and caringly inform patients on the different options they have and the latest research available whilst providing support and expert guidance with their decision. I have many patients who choose to vaccinate their children and I have never tried to persuade them otherwise, because at the end of the day it is their child and their decision as they are the only one who will be left with the responsibility of their decision, not myself or the doctor.