When it comes to medicine and health I am very result focused following, meaning I am not so concerned with HOW it works but rather HOW WELL it works plus its safety and effectiveness.

There is no point taking a medicine that seems to be effective for a particular condition but that causes such a long list of unwanted side effects that you end up being worse off than you started, or similarly, if something shows to be effective in the research trials but then does not seem to offer that same effectiveness on patients suffering real conditions.

With the power of knowledge that the internet provides, parents and individuals can now educate themselves on the latest research available rather than just relying on someone’s opinion. One thing  I tell all my patients who are thinking to use HP as their chosen immunisation option the most important thing is that you are confident in your decision as you are the only one responsible for your child and many will not share your opinion, so confidence and knowledge in HP is a must.

Equip yourself with the latest research on HP from Dr Isaac Golden here.