Homeopathy is a form of holistic medicine used by over 500 million people worldwide to assist in treating a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions. Like all natural medicines, homeopathy's main aim is to treat the whole person which means taking into account; the presenting symptoms, personality and individual traits, lifestyle, diet, hereditary factors, past health history and the underlying cause of the dis-ease.

It is this unique and in-depth understanding of an individual which makes homeopathy such an effective medicine for  the treatment of chronic disease and recurring conditions. When a health practitioner takes the time to understand an individual as a whole it offers them the ability to gain a true insight to the origin of their dis-ease, meaning medicines can be prescribed  at this level, offering patient's a permanent cure rather than just a quick fix for the temporary relief of symptoms.

An initial consultation generally involves sitting down for an hour to discuss your presenting complaint with your practitioner then being prescribed one or several homeopathic medicines along with any supplements, herbal tonics and nutritional and lifestyle advise that may be needed to assist the healing.

As homeopathic medicines are very effective at treating mental and emotional conditions such as stress and anxiety, all homeopathic practitioners are well trained in counselling meaning sometimes during a consultation you can feel like your in the middle of a counselling session. However, how a case is taken is totally dependant on the individual complaint, if a patient walks in with a cold or whooping cough the consultation may only take 30 minutes as such conditions do not require such an in-depth consultation, so it is always tailored to the individual and what they want and need.